Role of social media in the recruitment process

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Role of social media

1. Social Media Application and Networking

LinkedIn is a prime example of how a social medium can be used in a professional way. LinkedIn is indeed the ideal location to find a large pool of employees and for employees to directly approach their dream companies.

While the first round of selection can be done via LinkedIn, companies can further understand the candidate through multiple interview rounds that follow.

Social Media

2. Advertisements, Push Notifications, Jobs Center


Facebook and Instagram would always top the list if we talk about the apps that display relevant ads.

This has already helped many users to find the products/businesses they need. Why not these companies use this option to let their targeted candidates know about job openings?

Their algorithms always make accurate predictions and reaching both active and passive candidates is possible here with a single stone.

Facebook has a dedicated job corner which lets the user customize the job opportunities they want to see based on their location.

3. Attracting Passive Candidates

It is said that passive candidates are more desirable and can add value to the new company as they could be highly satisfied with their current job. Catching these people’s attention is tough as they cannot be found through recruitment agencies.

Social media plays a huge role here to find and select them by letting the employer showcase their current job opportunity and scope for development.

Passive candidates would have attractive social media handles with a great amount of information. This again favors employers a lot to double-check if they are right fit for them.


4. Strategies Big Companies Use to Hire Employees Through Social Media

Strategies Big Companies

Most of the businesses have their own verified social media handles these days and all of them utilize the power tools these apps provide to find and go through their desired candidates’ profiles.

They are active on these platforms and exhibit their company’s work culture, progress, and milestones.

Now, who can blame you when you spend endless hours on social media?

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