Would you let AI recruit for you

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1. Would you let AI Recruit for you?

Artificial Intelligence has been gaining more and more attention with every passing day. Self learning and Intelligent programs also know as Algorithms are being used in every sector including HR/Talent Acquisition and Recruiting. AI gives more opportunity for automating the processes that do require high level of creativity, thus saving a lot of time and human efforts. AI technologies are widely being used not only in IT sector but also in marketing and development. It is not surprising to see a lot ofcompanies have started using AI solutions in the recruitment process trying to automate the process and ensure it is flawless. AI is the most important recruitment technology solutions you’ll kick yourself for not knowing or using.

Artificial Intelligence

2. Reaching the Right Candidates


AI can help the organization create a clear job description with the exact requirements that explain what exactly you want. When the job description clearly defines the requirements you will notice the right candidates start approaching you. Candidates who are under or over qualified will not apply for this job application as the job description is well defined. HireXtra’s unique Match – O – Meter algorithm is programmed to show the relevancy of the profile of the candidate with job description. In no time a recruiter can check whether the candidate is average, good or excellent. It reduces the time taken to shortlist the profiles based on required skills, location and preferred location.

3. Automation of the Recruitment Process

Recruiters work tirelessly, from scheduling meetings, conducting interviews, trying to improve the policies that are beneficial to the organization as well as the employee. Unfortunately, it is difficult for a single person to multi task all the time and be efficient. In such cases, the AI can play a major role. AI can become personal assistant to recruiters. The use of scheduling software ensures that your job is carried out smoothly without wasting your whole day. Chat bots and automated messaging services are also gaining popularity in the field of recruitment. These help to reduce the repetitive task of sending emails and messages.


4. Optimization of Recruitment Process


In order to hire the right talent it is very important to have a flawless recruitment process. When any part of the process begins to fail you may lose out on an appropriate candidate. To ensure you are hiring the best suitable candidate through the entire process and make it as efficient as possible you need to have a system that is dependable, quick and flawless. Skill passport another algorithm of HireXtra gives an in depth information about the personality of the candidate, educational qualifications, work experience and other essential information to the employer.

5. Cost Effective Process

Hiring a new talent is a costly affair from posting job applications, screening applicants, hosting interviews and training employees. Initially introducing AI can be a little expensive but once incorporated it helps in reducing the hiring cost of new talents. It creates an effective hiring funnel which will impact the ROI on long run. AI will not only the reduce the cost for hiring new talents but also ensures you are hiring the right candidate for the job. By hiring better employees you can save money on training, signing bonus and other expenses. HireXtra’s Personality Insight enables an employer to know about the candidate’s personal character. It will show the characteristics like openness, emotional range, conscientiousness, agreeableness. This percentage helps the recruiter to choose the right candidate hence saving both time and money.

Cost Effective

6. Time Effective

Time Effective

When a candidate quits a particular job there is an immediate pressure on the recruiter to find a replacement as soon as possible. The sudden vacuum creates additional burden on other team members. Using AI will significantly reduce the amount of time spent on digging through resumes or screening applicants, AI helps you move through the interview process faster – without sacrificing quality of candidates.

7. Giving Candidates a Good Experience

AI is just not beneficial for the recruiter and the organization only but also for the candidate who is going to apply. AI can make the process very smooth and easy with minimum human interaction. When the job applicants get quick replies from the recruiters they feel happy and will be compelled to stay connected. The positive experience will enable them to join the organization.

Giving Candidates

8. Conclusion


AI ischanging the game in lot of industries today including recruitment. If you are not including AI in your organization’s recruitment process then you are definitely missing out on lot. AI makes the recruitment process very easy and flawless. With the implementation of proper software, tools and the automated process the recruitment process becomes more reliable and efficient. HireXtra is providing a cutting edge technology in crowd staffing and recruitment to attain a higher level of efficiency.

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