Top 10 tips recruiters can give to job seekers

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Recruiters Tips

Want to land your dream job in your dream company? Or thinking of a change from your monotonous old job but too anxious about the poor economic conditions? Fret not. We can let you know what recruiters are expecting from you. Yes. Its no longer a secret!

Working with both candidates and companies has given them the wisdom and exposure to what a candidate needs to get his joining offer

Time and again, we see good candidates with the required amount of skills and experience getting rejected for trivial reasons. It might have happened to you too. But not anymore!

Since recruiters pay attention to even the minute details, even one or two mistakes can slip that deserving opportunity away from your hands

Upon researching a myriad of career-launching sides, we have decoded the secret mantra that job hunters and recruiters have been trying to say.

1. Focus on Your Resume! Make Changes when Needed.

A resume is the verbal depiction of your personality! Carrying the same resume for two different interviews is considered unprofessional! Customize your resume as per the demand of the job opportunity.

Your Resume

2. Show Confidence and Politeness at the same Time!

Confidence and Politeness

This might sound absurd but this the right level of attitude to excel in any job given. This would project you as someone who is both skillful at the same time has the willingness to learn.

3. Read Between the Lines!

Before applying to any job, read the job description at least thrice and apply only if that is relevant to your portfolio. No trial and errors here!

Read Between

4. Watch out your Social Media Platforms!

Social Media

Holding your information at a fingertip, it’s easy for recruiters to find your online presence within minutes. Make sure you remove controversial posts, red flags, or anything that rouses negative vibes.

5. Be Honest with your Cover Letter

Some people love to bluff about them in their cover letter just to show themselves as equally qualified. Write only what is necessary and don’t drag it to sound profound.

Cover Letter

6. Be Ready to have the ‘Important Talk’

These are nothing but the necessary yet awkward conversations about your salary and take-home pay. Never shy away from putting it across gracefully when the recruiters ask you this.

Important Talk

7. Own a Professional Resume

Professional Resume

Noticing spelling mistakes or silly grammatical errors can irk recruiters which can get you disqualified in minutes. Do a spell check every time before submitting it. Also, reduce the use of fancy borders, bright colors, and designs and go minimalistic.

8. Show Interest to Learn about the Company you are Applying for

Interviewers love this when the candidate knows a lot about the company and its principles. This brings an instant attraction on your profile and eggs them on to know more about you.

Show Interest

9. Show your Willingness to Work for Long Term


These are the aspects that can attract interviewers and recruiters naturally as their job is justified when the hired candidate stays loyal to the company for the long term.

10. Develop your Professional Network

Having in touch with similar working professionals like you can do you a lot of favor then you expect. From serving as references to helping you bump into job opportunities, you will have their back for sure.

Now get ready to brush yourself up and start working on the above pointers which can bag you the job you truly deserve.

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Professional Network
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