Top 5 recruitment trends during the Covid-19 pandemic

Hirextra initiative to advance the career of job seekers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Top 5 recruitment

1. Interviews Using Video Calling Apps

While video calling was a popular recruitment tool way before the lockdown, its popularity has surged multifold during the pandemic. This is a proven technique that works as efficiently as a face-to-face interview.

You can set up a video calling interview with the selected candidates through a range of popular applications such as Skype, Zoom, and WebEx. This is less time consuming, needs fewer resources, and works great for both the candidate and interviewer.

It helps in assessing your candidate’s depth of knowledge, personality, interest towards accepting the offer, and many other parameters just by having casual tête-à-tête with them.


2. Online Assessment Tests

Online Assessment Tests

Testing a candidate’s knowledge has always been a challenge for companies. With the lockdown in place, companies can easily leverage technology to set up online testing systems that will quickly help recruitment teams find the right person for the job.

You can frame this as the first round of your interviewing process. This highly favors candidates as they just have to sit in front of the computer and take the assessment.

No one has to get ready and look presentable to be a part of it yet the interview gets finished at the comfort of home.

3. Audia Calling

This is probably the only option small scale organizations are left with when their candidates are just a call away.

It depends on the job profile too. For instance, customer support officers or technical/sales support engineers can be hired through such a process.

Unlike the previous techniques, this needs the least amount of resources and no physical preparation is needed.

The interviewer can record the call sequence to evaluate it at a later date as well.

Audia Calling

4. Leveraging Groundbreaking Technology like AI and ML


Artificial intelligence is setting its foot in almost every field today and it is both effective and economical.

It doesn’t need a recruitment team or an interviewing panel. They use machine learning algorithms to scrutinize resumes and find the best fit. Later, it conducts interviews through chatbots with the desired candidates and finds the best fit for your company.

In the present situation, where companies are too scattered to plan and organize recruitment, this method acts as a boon.

Having said that, Hirextra is the world’s first AI-based global staffing aggregator and we offer top-notch assistance in hiring the right employee for your company. We have access to billions of profiles and can put an end to your recruitment worries.

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