Hiring Trends After 2020

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Hiring Trends

2020 has seen everything from economic slowdown to recurrent lockdowns and not to mention the steady spread of a deadly disease. Apparently this has been an unwelcoming year for many segments and hiring is not an exception in this

A majority of the companies showed a dull progression on recruitment whereas the rest of the crowd made an attempt on hiring through a virtual medium.

All these unforeseen changes have jolted the recruitment teams off their ground and we can expect a transformation on their hiring trends once this pandemic situation gets over.

It seems that many companies have already started absorbing the effect this lockdown has brought on them. And by now, they should be working on implementing the constructive solution derived from it.

While surfing through the top recruitment blogs, these are the hiring trends we chanced upon that is gonna bring a change after 2020.

1. Active social media platforms

To stay on top, businesses would start paying interest in attracting their potential candidates through nonconservative ways and use their social media platforms as a weapon to do this.

This has already worked for many companies as they provide regular updates and trivial facts about their work culture in portals like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Active social

2. Virtual recruitment strategies

Virtual recruitment

Lockdown can put a halt to anything but not recruitment. There are many hiring agencies across the world still running their business and hunting worthy candidates through online interviews.

You will be impressed with how systematic and organized these interviews are, just like a regular, f2f interview.

They communicate through emails and then move to phone conversations. Simultaneously, they glance over the participant’s profile and determine if he is the best fit or not.

Then they move to face to face interviews through skype or zoom and finish the process there.

This is a huge milestone in the recruitment process where a candidate gets evaluated and hired just by being at his home. No pens and papers, no photocopied resumes, and zero fuel wasted! How eco friendly this can be!

3. Predictive analysis and AI

Predictive analysis

This is a mind-blowing technology that lets us run a few algorithms to analyze the past and determine the likely happenings of the future. Wondering how this can aid in recruitment?

Though this is a vague concept, we will try our best in explaining the crux on how this can be utilized for optimizing the recruitment process

Predictive analysis needs data to feed on. Reams and reams of data from the past! It runs a variety of algorithms on them and comes up with conclusions. Here the data is candidate’s skills, tenure, and everything professional about them.

Through the help of this, it can systematically predict who would serve as the best fit, who would last longer, and so on.

This is time-saving and cost-cutting and offers 99% accuracy.

There are other useful AI-based tools like chatbots that are revolutionizing the whole recruitment industry by automating everything from advertising to final selection of the candidate.

The growth of AI is a boon to our recruitment industry and we are likely to witness a day where there would be no man force involved throughout the whole sourcing process. This is saddening yet inevitable too as businesses are always looking for cost-cutting measures.

If you are someone who is looking for seamless AI solutions to solve your recruitment solutions, do check out our Hirextra’s website. We offer fast-paced, AI-powered hiring solutions for companies at an extremely reasonable price. With effective crowdsourcing and machine learning practices, you would find plenty of eligible candidates in no time.

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