Intriguing ways in which AI is Changing the Recruitment Industry

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Recruitment Industry

Artificial intelligence has already set its foot in many disciplines and wherever it went, we could see an incredible revolution. Recruitment is also one among them and businesses don’t shy away from adapting to these cutting edge techniques. As per Harver’s survey, around 75% of recruiters have agreed that AI has created a significant impact on their recruitment process.

Using Artificial Intelligence has proven to optimize and speed up every aspect of the recruitment process. Here we have discussed how AI has changed and still changing the otherwise cumbersome recruitment process.

If you are wondering how this can help in conducting interviews and scrutinizing employees, read the following definition of how AI works in recruitment.

With the help of machine learning and problem-solving algorithms, AI can support hiring from the screening of resumes to conducting virtual interviews. These are tangible practices that can be incorporated into any company without splurging a huge sum.

1. Access to a large Pool of Candidates

When recruitment happens traditionally, it takes a long time to reach a variety of candidates from multiple locations, whereas AI brings in the scope to reach out to a large reservoir of candidates, and picking the most eligible one out of them is a cakewalk.

This includes passive candidates too who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come across.

All this takes place within a short span of time that improves the quality of the recruitment team in heaps.

large Pool of Candidates

2. Automation of repetitive, cumbersome processes

utomation of repetitive

Needless to say, this is the most appealing benefit AI can bring with it as it reduces staffing agents’ time on heavy, repetitive processes like screening through piles of resumes or replying to candidates whenever they approach.

Here, it works more like a digital assistant that keeps everything organized and palpable, so that officers can focus on substantial works that need their attention.

3. Hiring the Best fit

A company that is good at what it does would receive thousands of applicants for its every opening. But it is a tedious task to go through everything and scrutinize the eligible ones out of that.

But your recruitment buddy AI with its mind-blowing algorithms can help in ​prioritizing​ them based on the keywords you load. Now all you have to do them is send them to invite and interview them face-to-face. Ohh, wait! AI can do that too with the help of chatbots.

Hiring the Best fit

4. Ability to Conduct Stringent Video Call Interviews

Conduct Stringent

Many AI-based companies have developed platforms and applications that help in behavior and social analysis of the candidate.

With increasing virtual interviews due to COVID 19, this capability can help you identify candidates who involve in fraudulent activities during skype interviews.

Many recruiters have already reported that candidates cheat by hiring a friend to help during the interview or by referring google on another screen

But with the help of AI-based tools, you can catch even their unnecessary eyeball movements and identify if their voice changes. Unbelievable isn’t it?!

And the list is endless as AI offers a huge scope of change in every platform it resides. You can streamline the whole interview process and reap the benefits of hiring most eligible and worthy candidates without leaving anyone unsatisfied.

In regards to this, Hirextra is an online AI-based platform that helps businesses and recruiters in hiring the most suitable candidates with the help of Machine learning. They are experts in hiring who can help you from broadcasting the opening information to picking up the right talent. If you don’t want to miss out on the chance of hiring a potential passive candidate, contact Hirextra right away.

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