The ultimate guide to avoid bad candidate experience

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ultimate guide

More often than not, recruiters are aware of the mistakes they commit during the hiring process which would create an unpleasant experience for the candidate. Yet, handling umpteen profiles at the same time and lack of recruitment staff and resources force them to do these blunders

Do you know how strongly they can impact your hiring process and the chances of discovering potential candidates in the future?

Discontented candidates tend to spread negative words about their interviewing experience among their professional circles. And a majority of them would take a step back when they hear about vacancies in your company.

A successful recruitment team should have less bad candidate experience as this can affect the company’s name and reputation.

1. Delayed Responses and Updates

The recruitment team would be always busy and they wouldn’t have time for prompt responses. But candidates would love to hear from you often and get updates about the interviewing process

You can implement automation tools that would help in giving a personalized experience to candidates.

Yes, or No, you can communicate both of them with grace and see the difference.

Delayed Responses

2. Lengthy Application and Evaluation Process

Lengthy Application

No one likes to fill lengthy forms these days as they are repetitive and time-consuming. You might miss a perfect candidate in this without even getting a chance to meet.

Utilizing resume reading and scrutinizing tools and extracting needed information from them would work best here as it simplifies the process for both candidate and interviewer.

3. Improper Communication of job Requirements and Skills Needed

A job-hunting website’s survey says, more than 70% of the recruiters don’t share a clear job description during the initial stage of the interviewing process

This ends up wasting the time and effort of both sides where they have to reject the candidate halfway citing improper qualification.

Improper Communication

4. Lack of Organization and Arrangement

Lack of Organization

From the application process to let out the results, interviews are not usually happening in a timely and organized manner.

Making the candidate wait for hours or not arranging for their food and refreshment can turn your applicants frustrated.

You can overcome this by appointing a person to check on the interviewers often to ensure if their needs are fulfilled.

Other Affirmative Measures Companies can take to Create a Constructive Candidate Experience

Speaking of AI, hirextra is a crowd staffing recruitment platform that offers stress-free and economic hiring solutions to companies. They employ crowd staffing and machine learning algorithms to reach a wider number of candidates to find the best talent.

Since they use AI to go through resumes and chatbots to conduct interviews, in a short span, you will have the perfect fit to fill your vacancy.

Recruitment and interview process is not just about finding the right talent and investing in resources for that. In a way or another, it also consumes candidate’s time, energy and recruiters should keep that in mind.


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