Crowd sourcing vs Crowd Staffing

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Crowd sourcing

Crowdsourcing and crowd staffing are the latest buzz words in the modern recruitment world. Employers follow many methods to hire best talents that would fit their vacancies. There are traditional methods like outsourcing, using freelancing community, recruiting through staffing recruiters and headhunters etc.

But all these methods give them access to a very limited pool of talent where they may or may not find the best fit they were looking for and sometimes they have to make a comprise too.

Every company needs talented resources and that is what they primarily look for while filling positions. But what if they can’t meet their ideal employee due to the shortage of passive employees or competition to hire the best among other companies?

While these are the major drawbacks of hiring through traditional methods, let us look into the terms crowd sourcing and crowd staffing which can do away with these limitations.

1. What is crowd sourcing?

In simple terms, crowd sourcing means optimizing and utilizing a group of individual workforce to get our job done. You can imagine Uber car service or Airbnb here which are popular examples of this.

Crowd sourcing is not new to talent acquisition anymore. Many companies have started using this due to its cost effective and efficient nature.

In crowd sourcing recruitment, companies use a pool of independent recruiters or headhunters to hire the best fit for their vacancy and conduct interview for the selected ones to find the best among them.

The recruiters who are hired to do their job work hard to bring in best talent among both active and passive employees in order to get paid well.

This is beneficial for both employers and recruiters and helps in finding the best talent in the marketplace

crowd sourcing

2. What is crowd staffing and how it differs from traditional recruitment?

crowd staffing

With increased demands from companies for highly skilled employees, recruiters are constantly formulated new methodologies to find out the best talent in the recruitment marketspace.

They are trying to appease and attract passive employees all over the world who are on their best in their current jobs and highly contented with it.

Following traditional methods of staffing doesn’t give much liberty to company’s internal recruitment team to find these kinds of employees

But Crowd staffing helps companies to connect with a larger crowd of professionals that include recruiters, employers, employees and independent recruiters, so that they can never miss out on a best talent they are looking for.

It gives access to a curated crowd based hiring platform and recruitment marketspace to get best ever hiring outcomes

It not just speeds up the process by connecting global recruiters together but also has a great quality and scalability.

Be it any kind of professional vacancy, crowd staffing leverages a large crew of independent recruiters and staffing creators to find out that the best match for it.

Are you looking for crowd staffing based recruiters to fill the vacancies in your company?

Hirextra offers finest and inexpensive AI based crowd staffing recruitment solutions globally and can fulfill your business’s hiring needs quickly and efficiently. They use artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts to automate and quicken the lengthy recruitment process.

Contact them today to find the best talent for your company.

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