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One-Stop-Shop for your Talent Acquisition

Supplier Friendly = DNA Of Client

With HireXtra there is not just a new client, but a rewarding client. We are supplier friendly hence we give you access to our exclusive network of clients to fulfil every staffing demand.

Crowd Staffing = Not Crowd Sourcing

HireXtra believes a vendor is not alone as HireXtra is partnered with professional networking portals ex. LinkedIn, job portals, sourcing companies, rec to rec companies, financial institutes such as banks, crowdsourcing portals. HireXtra’s vendors have a direct access to thousands of profiles from our exclusive pool.

New Business Opportunities

Some of the exclusive features that we are offering to our HireXtra vendors: With HireXtra there is not just a new client, but a rewarding client. With HireXtra grow your business without investing in a business development team or a sales team as HireXtra can handle this for you so just chillax! HireXtra’s simple but in-depth vendor acquisition means we will understand your capabilities and your strengths.


With HireXtra it is possible to measure your performance with inbuilt KPI's and you can use HireXtra’s exclusive all in one platform and use the ATS tool freely to increase both efficiency and productivity. HireXtra’s vendor performance tools will enable you to utilise HireXtra’s KPI’s or your own KPI’s. HireXtra’s one stop shop services are inclusive of reference companies and the ability to manage employer’s compliance requirements.

Sourcing Tools

HireXtra will analyse and understand your previous track record and specialisations will be given only those job orders where you and HireXtra is convinced of delivering. HireXtra encourages vendors to train their recruiters using training material and if needed will train your recruiters in sourcing with a small added cost also awarding a HireXtra certified recruiters. HireXtra has AI enabled tools that is guaranteed to make your staffing process faster with tools such as an X-Ray and boolean sourcing tool, background checks and social check tools. HireXtra will be able to fulfil every one of your hiring and staffing needs with our exclusive vendor tools.

Extra Growth

With all your efforts are recognised and respected by employers and the HireXtra team. HireXtra’s vendor’s will be briefed by our HireXtra vendor relationship team about each client and each job order. will also host client briefings. HireXtra’s AI enabled platform means every submission of yours can be tracked. HireXtra’s team will conduct online on-site training to every vendor.

Happy Customers means Happy Suppliers, Happy Customers. helps clients shoulder the responsibilities of administering a complex direct / indirect hiring/staffing program, freeing business leaders to devote their energies to mission critical objectives: running and growing their companies. serves as the single point-of-contact between hiring and procurement managers of client , HR of client , staffing suppliers and the contingent workforce.

HireXtra's Vendors

A technology to achieve a truly integrated effective all-purpose CROWD STAFFING suite is trending now. HireXtra’s vendors are supported regularly and are offered many of our exclusive features to ensure consistent, regular and rewarding new businesses. Our dedicated HireXtra team will provide you with all the available features contained in the one stop shop range, to ensure that you receive rewarding and a fulfilled business.

How It Works

A one stop shop for your talent acquisition HireXtra is a closed crowd staffing platform that requires restricted access. Interested employers and vendors can request an exclusive entry by requesting an invitation code. Once registered freely, vendors can respond to assigned (employers) job orders via HireXtra dashboard or by dedicated HireXtra vendor relationship managers. That’s all that needs to be done! The rest is taken care of.

Hire Talent Without Extra Cost!

Take control of your recruitment process today.One contract - one fee! Engage multiple vendors without any extra effort.

Why HireXtra?

About Us

Established in 2018 HireXtra is the next generation AI crowd staffing platform. This provides you with a cutting edge market place between vendors to provide a higher efficiency at a faster rate any and all staffing needs, and is cloud based. It is a one stop shop crowd staffing platform and is cloud based which serves as a single platform. HireXtra is your bridge between the employer and the vendor.

How it Works

HireXtra is a closed crowd staffing platform that requires exclusive access. Employers and vendors can simply request entry by simply clicking the request button. Once registered it is “completely free of charge”. Employers can submit their job requirements via either HireXtra’s dashboard or through our dedicated relationship managers. Simplicity itself.

Why Choose HireXtra?

HireXtra has successfully overcome and ironed out all those problems within the traditional hiring system. has come up with a solution designed to save our time, save our costs and increase our productivity. is multi vertical and multi horizontal and can strengthen all sectors within a business to ensure productivity and compliance.

Our Clients