HireXtra is UK based Global Staffing Aggregator platform that bridges employers and multitude of Agency Recruitment Agencies working in tandem to provide the first best matching profiles for any resource requirement in less than 5 working hours and wish to complete requirement in 7 working days.

HireXtra is a Futuristic Crowd Staffing Aggregator Providing you with a cutting edge market place between Agency Recruiters and Employers to achieve a Higher Efficiency in fulfilling every Hiring Demand at a Faster Pace.


Though HQ is UK based, we have multiple offices in London, UK, San Jose California USA, Poland, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Italy(Rome), Czech Republic(Prague), Belgium(Brussels), Netherlands(Amsterdam), Finland(Helsinki), Sweden(Stockholm), Hyderabad, India and many other locations across globe.

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Market Place

Upscale and Modernize your recruitment process with HireXtra. Recruit Top Quality Talents in record time with minimum human efforts. Using HireXtra’s AI-based Crowd Staffing Platform, Employers can find the perfect Profile/Candidate to fulfill the job Orders without any extra effort and cost.

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Employer Direct

Employer Direct is an Online Marketplace for employers to post their job requirements, and a Dedicated Account Manager will be assigned from HireXtra platform. Unlike few crowd staffing companies in the market, HireXtra uses AI/ML/ Big Data for Talent Validation and Talent Mining.

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Recruiter Direct

Recruiter Direct is an Online Marketplace where small to medium recruitment agencies and consultancies can tie up with HireXtra on mutually aggregable terms beneficial to both. These recruitment agencies can come on board and refer appropriate candidates that matches the job description.

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World’s First AI Based Global Staffing Aggregator.

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Would you let AI recruit for you?

Artificial Intelligence has been gaining more and more attention with every passing day. Self learning and Intelligent programsalso know as Algorithms are being used inevery sector including HR/Talent Acquisition and Recruiting.AI gives more opportunity for automating the processes that do require high level of creativity, thus saving a lot of time and human efforts.

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How to Improve Quality of Hire by Using Supply vs. Demand Analysis

In a talent scarcity situation, once the demand for talent exceeds the supply, you would like to use an “attract the best” sourcing and recruiting method. This is often delineate by the left facet of the provision vs. demand curve displayed within the graphic. Under these circumstances it’s necessary to acknowledge that the candidate...

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7 Useful Tools Every Hiring Manager Should Check Out !

These days, nearly each business runs background checks on its candidates before hiring. there's an honest reason for this trend: an in depth background check policy will tell a hiring manager lots a couple of prospective worker relating to criminal history, education, work history, and more. Background checks are an efficient tool for creating positive...

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