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One-Stop-Shop for your Talent Acquisition

Reduce Time to Hire

Engage multiple vendors using the HireXtra marketplace. This is leading the way with the newest technology (AI Enabled ) with the exclusive HireXtra dashboard. This provides productive features to track and report to your job orders. Dedicated HireXtra account managers are available to provide their vendor intelligence, determination, and hard work. This will make sure to reduce your time to hire for ALL job orders.

Manage your Agencies

All your existing staffing agencies are managed in one platform. HireXtra can push and pull data from your existing MSP and vendor portals. Sophisticated HireXtra APIs are readily available to plug into your portal effortlessly on board new vendors. No vendor? Select new vendors using HireXtra's intuitive vendor search options again completely free of charge.

Reduce Risk

Reduce all hiring risks such as no shows for interviews , no joiners and recruiting forged candidates.

Hire Talent Quickly

By simply avoiding “traditional” staffing suppliers, who use teams of internal recruiters, to accomplish the same task. Which is far less efficient and far more expensive. HireXtra means crowd staffing simplified. HireXtra only uses vendors who have committed and devoted their time to fulfil your job orders. HireXtra only works with serious, committed and dedicated professional vendors. Your fulfilment is guaranteed.

Manage Compliance

Providing many services to ensure a one-stop shop such as a criminal record check and a background check. Providing all these services can ensure a reduced time to hire increasing our efficiency. Our HireXtra in-house team is readily available to handle all compliance in one place ensuring compliances and mitigate risks. Whether it is a permanent hire, contract, temporary or project hire. Our HireXtra team will provide full support.

Recruiter Partners

Train and mentor recruiter partners so that they can deliver within Turn Around Time ( TAT ) and improve quality.

Hire Talent Without Extra Cost!

Take control of your recruitment process today.One contract - one fee! Engage multiple vendors without any extra effort.

Why HireXtra?

About Us

Established in 2018 HireXtra is the next generation AI crowd staffing platform. This provides you with a cutting edge market place between vendors to provide a higher efficiency at a faster rate any and all staffing needs, and is cloud based. It is a one stop shop crowd staffing platform and is cloud based which serves as a single platform. HireXtra is your bridge between the employer and the vendor.

How it Works

HireXtra is a closed crowd staffing platform that requires exclusive access. Employers and vendors can simply request entry by simply clicking the request button. Once registered it is “completely free of charge”. Employers can submit their job requirements via either HireXtra’s dashboard or through our dedicated relationship managers. Simplicity itself.

Why Choose HireXtra?

HireXtra has successfully overcome and ironed out all those problems within the traditional hiring system. has come up with a solution designed to save our time, save our costs and increase our productivity. is multi vertical and multi horizontal and can strengthen all sectors within a business to ensure productivity and compliance.

Our Clients